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New Kong Wobbler is a Hit!

Posted in Product Reviews

By Amy Wence

I recently purchased the new Kong Wobbler from Petsmart in Kenosha. It was a big hit in my house! Both of my dogs had a blast batting it around trying to get the treats. Ella likes  to smack it around with her paws, while Comiskey prefers to push it with his nose. It keeps them occupied and makes feeding kibble more fun! I like to mix it up and add some almonds, cheerios, marshmallows and various doggie treats. The opening isn’t very large, so kibble or small treats work best. It’s very easy to clean and wipe off. The bottom is weighted to keep it from rolling all over and the top unscrews for easy cleaning and filling. It is a bit large and would probably be best for medium to large dogs. Kong has a great video of dogs having fun with the Wobbler.

Posted: 7/1/2010 | Updated: 4/14/2011

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