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10-1-2016  NW1 McHenry IL
Congratulations to the LP students that earned their NW1 Title!!!!
In no specific order:
Susie Baker & Apache (third place overall)
Nancy Steinbrecher & Cyan
Deb Rischar & Chase
Melissa Peterson & Mocha
Audra Rasmussen & Gigi
Terri Politowski & Eddie (first place overall)
Jennifer Schretter & Bear
Carole Johnson & Abby 

We are missing a lot of Nose Work information from the 2013-2016

K9 Nose Work
NWI and NWII Trial
July 27th and 28th, 2013
All the pictures/proofs for Loving Paws 2013
NACSW K9 Nose Work Trial have been uploaded and can be viewed at http://www.pawprintpictures.com/lovingpaws.
Congratulations to all of the participants and title winners!
Loving Paws is proud to acknowledge:
Kathy Hatch & Summit - NWII title
George Yurchak & Lucy - NWII title
Darlene Hanson & Chloe - NWII title
Kathy Edstrom & Turbo - NWI title
Pictures to be added soon.


 1st Wisconsin K9 Nose Work Trial
July 28th & 29th, 2012
Burlington High School - Burlington, WI

The first Wisconsin Nose Work trial has come and gone.  We were blessed with nice weather both days.  We had 35 teams compete on Saturday and 37 teams compete on Sunday.   Congratulations goes out to the 15 teams that earned their NWI (Nose Work I) title on Saturday and 15 teams that earned their NWI title on Sunday.   A huge thank you goes out to all of those that participated.  I hope it was a good learning experience for everyone.

Melissa Mladinic did a terrific job as the Volunteer Coordinator for the trial.  Stephanie Challand was awesome as Scoreroom Coordinator.  If it wasn’t for the help of these to women, Loving Paws couldn't think about hosting a trial.

All of the volunteers were absolutely awesome.  We had 50+ volunteers helping us with the trial those two days.  The trial couldn’t have taken place without the help of these marvelous people.  They gave up their time that weekend to be there and I can’t thank them enough. 

I was blessed to have three wonderful judges that are professional K9 Unit handlers in local police departments.  A big THANK YOU goes out to:
•    Bob Wierenga – Walworth K9 Unit
•    Dusty Nichols – Kenosha K9 Unit
•    Mark Sorensen – Racine K9 Unit

All three judges helped us on both days.  Each of them had other commitments but still gave up their weekend to be our judges.  Bob judged on Sunday even when he became a grandpa early that morning.  He was on the road as soon as the trial was over to see his new granddaughter.  Mark postponed his vacation so he could judge for us that weekend.  He was also on the road right after the trial was over on Sunday.  Dusty participated in a demonstration in Kenosha both days after the trial was over making them both to be very long days.  I can’t thank these gentlemen enough for judging our trial.

These are the Loving Paws students that earned their titles. Thank you to Pallamolla Photography for their wonderful photos of the trial!

Darlene Hansen and Chloe
(6th place overall)


Don Colonna and Hazel
2nd place overall

Joanne Foster and Cider
(7th place overall)
Niki Henthorn and Token
(3rd place overall)

Cider on Vehicle Search

Hazel on Exterior Search

Lucy on Container Search


 Loving Paws is proud to acknowledge the following for the accomplishments in Joliet IL on October 27th and 28th, 2013

Joliet Junior College - Joliet, IL

Stephanie Challand & Logan

Brenda Coffield & Lilith

George Yurchak and Lucy

Kathy Hatch & Summit
(1st place Exterior, 3rd place Interor, 3rd place Overall)

Barb Barker and Ruby
(Harry Award Recipient)

Loving Paws is proud to acknowledge the following for their accomplishments in Schaumberg IL on May 25th, 2013

Laura Yurchak and Harley for their NWI title
Judith and Rory for their NWI title

Boomers Stadium - Schaumburg, IL
Judith & Rory


Loving Paws is proud to acknowledge Steve Challand and Lacey for their NWI title in Michigan on June 29th, 2013
Parkview Elementary - Charlotte, MI
                              Steve & Lacey
           (6th Place Overall & 2nd Place Vehicles) 

Loving Paws Kenosha WI
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