Specialty Classes

We also offer a variety of special classes

Shy & Fearful Dog class teaches the handler (owner) how to read their dogs behavior and help them through stressful situations.  Classical and operant conditioning is used with positive reinforcement methods.  We just implemented a new program which is going very well.

Dogs and Babies  – we have listed links on this subject to help you read up on some useful information.  Our in home consultations and training will give you tips and training to get your dog ready for when baby comes home and for when baby starts moving around.

Tricks are just fun fun fun!!!  Jennifer, our instructor, is becoming a certified trick instructor.  Join in the fun and teach your dog to be a true trickster!!!

Training Games is also a fun fun fun class.  Jennifer is the game host.  The games are fun and exciting that proof your dogs skills with sit, down, stay, come, walking etc.  Join in the fun and earn a few bones for your dog.

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